Hi! My name is Noah. I'm a technical developer and user experience designer living in Vancouver. Positivity, curiosity, and empathy drive my creative process.


I'm in my third year at Simon Fraser University's School of Interactive Arts & Technology. Since highschool I've been pursuing a career in the overlap between design, art and code. I have aspirations in game development, visual design, musical composition, and web development.

Growing up just outside the small town of New Denver, BC (population 300-600), I learned to forge my own path to my passions in computational systems. Experimentation in videogame modding and their prescribed programming languages kick-started my interest in designing interactive systems professionally.

Over a decade of training in classical viola, including symphonic and solo performance has taught me about attention to detail, power of expression, as well as the importance of collaboration and communication in a professional environment.

My hobbies include composing, singing, and playing music, indie game development, playing Dungeons & Dragons with my friends, and baking all types of bread.